We're getting there, slowly but surely- 9 weeks

24 02 2011

It's hard to believe it is already nine weeks, but also often feels like it is crawling by.
I can't wait to tell more and more people...but am trying my hardest to be patient and wait until our next ultrasound on March 17th.

I haven't had another migraine (knock on wood!) and in general feel pretty great. So much so, that sometimes I wonder if something has gone wrong because there are no symptoms. But then I usually feel a tummy tendon pain, or my chest starts hurting...and I am hopeful again that all is well.

I am mesmerized by other mom's in stores or parking lots and often find myself staring. Wondering things like- how many kids do they have? Do they work? Do they ever drink sodas when they are pregnant? What are their kids names? 

I think I would be happy joining a mommy-to-be club or something, but am not sure where to look. I see a lot of bulletin boards and things online...but some of the entries are kind of crazy and I can't really relate. I guess if we actually join the church in our neighborhood we've been considering, maybe I will meet other recent or soon to be mommies.

Dreams- 8 weeks

18 02 2011

Last night I had at least 3 vivid dreams.
Dream 1: I was in a fun house, at a carnival, in a room of mirrors. I sat on a bench to rest and suddenly the bench was moving and turned out to be a roller coaster headed up the first big hill. I began to scream trying to get their attention to tell them I was pregnant.
Dream 2: I was shopping in a grocery store with 10 of my high school friends, who all looked like they were in high school. I went to each of them and told them I was going to have a baby, and each one had a different negative reaction to me. One told me I would not be married in ten years, another told me good luck trying to make my kid really good at something like figure skating, a third told me she was actually moving out from her family of three kids and back into a college dorm room. As the fourth one started to tell me bad  news, I got upset and left.
Dream 3: I was headed to college classes, driving a convertible. I parked and went into a stranger's apartment where I left  a number of my belongings. The strange man and I talked about things I wish I could do with my life. Then I couldn't open the door to leave. Then I saw an image of a newspaper article about a murder, but could not figure out whether it was me or someone else.
As it turns out, the majority of women have increasing vivid dreams throughout pregnancy.

According to one website:
"Early pregnancy dreams often revolve around the pregnant woman's past. Childhood homes and old lovers often figure prominently. These dreams are a way to clear up any unresolved issues. The middle of pregnancy is when the woman begins to get a sense of the baby as a real person, and the bonding process between mother and child begins in earnest. Both water and animal themes figure prominently in second trimester dreams.Nature is a common theme in third-trimester dreams, and the imagery can be quite powerful—volcanoes erupt, dams burst, and tidal waves roll. Such dreams represent the impending birth and act as a dress rehearsal for the labor and delivery. Many women actually dream of the entire birthing process."
It seems pretty obvious that I am dreaming these things because of my fears about harming the baby and anxiety about being pregnant. It looks like I have a lot to look forward to in the next trimesters too. <Sigh>.


13 02 2011

Okay, so I read this was going to happen. But really, a big pimple right in the middle of my face? I already don't quite feel as sexy as I did a few weeks ago!! Ugh.
Also, they say my uterus is the size of a grapefruit this week. It feels like the size of a bowling ball