Baby-moon-13 weeks

25 03 2011

The week before we found out we were pregnant, Paul and I were planning to use our Delta miles for a spring break trip to India. We changed these plans knowing I would barely be through the first trimester for his spring break, and instead cashed in our miles on a domestic “baby-moon” to Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. We had an amazing trip. Some of our favorite highlights included the cozy Sedona B&B “Boots and Saddles”; beautiful hikes around Sedona; a harrowing drive through a blizzard up Oak Creek Canyon Highway; snow and warm sun at the volcano park; speedy stops at all the Grand Canyon views; driving happily back from the snowy Sedona to sunny Phoenix; and floating in the lazy river at our fancy resort in Phoenix. Here are some of our pictures:

We made it- 12 Weeks!

17 03 2011

We finally made it to our 12 week baby appointment! The baby was waving at us on the ultrasound. It was a joyful moment...and now feels very real and truly "on the way!" We couldn't be happier and have finally been able to tell everyone in our lives. Next stop: blood work at 16 weeks and then we can learn the sex of the baby at 20 weeks.
Looking forward to vacation and relaxing on our "baby-moon" to the Grand Canyon and Sedona this week...

Yay! 10 Weeks

02 03 2011

We are getting so close to be done with the first 3 months, it is hard to believe sometimes. I cannot wait until March 17th when we will see this baby again.

I still feel really good. No major headaches, and my stomach has calmed down a lot this week. Mostly I complain about uterus growth pain every other day or so, and how tired I get at work. My job is very busy right now and the days feel long. When I have something planned in the evening, I notice by 9pm or so- I feel grumpy and that I've passed my bedtime.

I found a Bethesda New Mommies club and joined online, however I have not been to a meeting yet. P and I also continue to go to our neighborhood church and we really like it. I think the church is very creative and socially conscious. It also is a very sweet time of the week for us. Just walking there, being together, and looking around at all of the children and families makes me feel warm inside and happy about this adventure we have started.

Although a number of my friends are trying to get pregnant- there is not really anyone I know that is currently pregnant. Luckily Paul is very supportive and listens to me babble all things baby all the time.

Paul and I are looking for a house right now, which is another adventure in itself. It is such a huge decision to make in our lives!! We hope we can find a place and maybe be settled by the time the baby comes, but I know that may not be possible. Fingers crossed though! I would love to have a real nursery set for a new baby coming home from the hospital.