Family Wedding in Michigan

31 05 2011

This weekend we travelled to Michigan for my brother Mike’s wedding to Anissa. We left at 6AM in order to take a plane to Michigan, then drive 5 hours to take a ferry on Lake Huron, and finally take a horse and buggy ride on Mackinac Island to Mission Point Hotel. While the travel time was less than ideal, the wedding was fun and it was great to see family. The bride and groom looked fabulous. Mackinac is a neat little old-fashioned island, keeping most of its charm dating to the early 18th and late 17th centuries. We ate lots of local taffy and fudge and I was able to rent a three-wheeled bike to ride around the island (making sure I didn't fall off a bike from balance issues.)

It's definitely interesting to be navigating this pregnancy stuff. I got lots of baby questions from family and friends (what's the name? do you plan to have it natural?) and some interesting comments..."glad to hear your reproduction stuff works well..."  Also, had some of my first random reaches for my lumpy belly, which is weird (I am finding I am not one who loves to be rubbed by others). I'm starting to have some back ache and leg cramping if I stay up too late or wake up too much in the middle of the night which didn't go well with 11pm rehearsal dinner and12AM wedding end times. My older sister was there beside me all weekend saying things like "Are you ready for this?", as her 7 year old son hit someone in the head with his shoe he kicked off , and her 2 year old was screaming to take her itchy dress off. Or pointing out that Paul and I will never be the same, and never have time to ourselves again..... She is in the thick of having three young children so I guess it seems funny to point out all the headaches. Paul and I just smiled, and made sure to enjoy the most of every second that we could riding bikes, sleeping late, reading books, traveling quietly...overall appreciating that things will change I am sure. I did like that being "pregnant and tired" allowed Paul and I more precious alone time.





She Weighs Over a Pound Already- 22 Weeks

24 05 2011

Today we went to a fancier sonogram facility for a more detailed 5-month scan. Everything was growing perfectly. They identified all of her organs, bones, fingers and toes. She was sprawled out again- feet crossed and everything. At one point she was clapping her hands in front of her face. They said she is "happy" because she is already practicing breathing which they don't always expect to see at 22 weeks. She weighs 1lb.2oz, which is absolutely perfect according to the doctor. yay!! They said there is no need to have special sonograms in the future because all signs indicate a very happy and healthy baby. We liked this extra time to see her though.

We got some new pictures, mostly profile shots and one front-facing 3D picture. She still looks part-alien though, since they don't really have baby-fat yet which gives them a more human look after more months cooking in there....



It’s a…20 weeks!

12 05 2011

We had a great 20-week ultrasound and found out that  our baby is a GIRL!!

She is all sorts of sprawled out inside me. She is laying upside down so her hands flutter around my lower abdomen, and her legs kick  up near my ribs. Now that I understand her position, I recognize movement much easier. However, the placenta is also in an anterior position which may make it harder for me to feel all of the movement.

The technician could not get a 100% accurate view of the heart chambers or the spine, so we have been referred to a fancy-schmancy better equipped scan in two weeks. We cannot wait, because unfortunately the printed pics from this scan are just blurry blobs and not worth posting. I am guessing since our baby was willing to wiggle around and giveaway her gender, she figured she would keep herself and her profile hidden so we don't get to see everything right away. We can't wait for the more detailed scans...
We were both shocked to hear the news that she was a girl. I thought she was a boy (although now am not sure why?!)..and while Paul did not have a guess at the gender, I think just hearing that she is a SHE made him realize she is real, and really coming into our lives.

We promptly went out and bought all of the mommy's little girl, and daddy's little girl books in Barnes and Noble. Now Paul has something sweet to read to his daughter every night (rather than just sounding like Darth-Vador up against my stomach saying "hi baby, this is your father!").

We had been calling our baby Henry for the past 20 I guess it is back to the drawing board for a more feminine name! Maybe she’ll think it is funny one day that she was almost Henry.