The Family Bassinet

20 06 2011

A few weeks ago we picked up baby furniture from my family, which included this bassinet.

My mom used this for all four of us kids, and my sister used it for all three of hers. It has held up amazingly well! I am excited to bring my baby home and put her in this. One of my favorite stories about the bassinet is that when my mom was teaching my older sister she would be a big sister by having her put her dolls in it a few weeks before my mom went into the hospital. Every day my sister would say hi to the baby dolls in the bassinet. On the day my mom brought me home from the hospital, she said to my sister "go and see the baby in the bassinet". My sister ran to the bassinet, took one look at me, and ran away screaming. They quickly realized she had not really understood there would be a human baby there. Let's hope Paul and I are more ready to see the real human baby in there.

New House and DIY Nursery- 26 Weeks

19 06 2011

We moved into our new house!! We can’t wait to bring our new baby girl home to our new house.


This weekend Paul and I put some serious elbow grease into the nursery in our new house. We primed and painted the walls (okay Paul mostly painted the room), and I painted 3 pieces of furniture. We both moved things in and out of the room repeatedly. We also put the crib together- whew! Hard work! Our dog Oscar helped too. Here are some photos...