Almost There- 30 Weeks

13 07 2011

It is hard to believe another month has flown by and we are now in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy- it's already the middle of July! I blinked and this summer is halfway over...

So far so good with the baby in there. She moves a lot, especially in the evenings and when her daddy talks to her. I still have people tell me that I don't look pregnant, which is very strange because I am definitely "rounder", just not perfectly bump-like. I'm getting over it though- looking at the bright side. If my body doesn't change too terribly much, then it won't be too terribly difficult to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and body type. I have a feeling if we have a second baby, it will be a different experience depending on how the baby situates itself in my body.

We had an active and fun 4th of July weekend with visitors from Indiana and lots of trips in and out of DC from Rockville. I felt almost like I had endless energy that weekend, other than needing to carry a chair with me because my feet and back tend to whine quickly if I have to stand still. Now, just this week I have started to get VERY tired again. This past weekend I slept 10 hours each night, and each morning at work I look longingly at my desk or under my desk thinking I want to lie down or put my head down. It definitely feels similar to many days in the first trimester. This is all very normal according to the books. I'm still surprised though at how "deep" the fatigue feeling can be. It's different than a sugar low that is normal in a workday, more like my brain and body are totally slow and sluggish. Weird. I hope it's not the case for the full next 10 weeks, there is still so much to do! If I recall, in the first trimester my low energy was only a few days at a time or a little different each week, so here's hoping it varies this month too. It’s been a hot summer too which doesn’t help the energy lull. One day I even had Paul come meet me for lunch so I could nap in the air conditioned car!

I went to a breastfeeding class this week and was a little overwhelmed by the pressure and information. It sounds very challenging to feed on demand, and then keep it up when heading back to work. I am going to give it my best shot, and be open to seeing how manageable it feels.

Tonight Paul and I head to our first baby class at the hospital. We are taking one that meets two hours per week for six weeks, as well as infant CPR, and a hospital tour in August. Hopefully this will help us feel super prepared for whatever happens during birth and bringing the baby home! I keep feeling like I don't fully have the to-do list completed. I still feel unprepared with what I will take to the hospital, how I will manage the first days and weeks at home, how I will care for my own healing body, and just generally having the house ready for a number of weeks of feeding/changing/not sleeping /not being able to do much else!! But there is still time…

I am starting to get very excited that having my own baby in my arms will be a life changing event. After many years babysitting, nannying, and taking care of my sister's little kids...I know that a lot of this will come naturally to me. The change and excitement of a new love in my life will be such a blessing.

I went to my bi-monthly women's group meeting last night. There were just four of us and we had a fabulous discussion about laughing, dancing, and singing more in our lives. I know this baby will be bringing more of all three of those things into my life, and I can't wait to help her grow into a person that feels free to laugh, dance, and sing as some of the greatest joys and benefits to living. I made a bold statement that I don't think this baby will mean I won't continue to come to these group meetings. I guess we will see how right I am! I know my life and priorities will focus around my little girl, but I also know it will be important to me to maintain my identity and connection with friends.

Here are some photos of Paul’s friends Joe, Adrienne, Dave, and Angie’s Fourth of July trip to visit us. Highlights included taking the water taxi to Alexandria, enjoying Maryland crabs, catching the National Parade, checking out the monuments at night, and having a cookout in our backyard.