Snapshot of pre-baby life

28 09 2011

Everyone says our baby will turn our lives upside down, and that our priorities will change. I thought it'd be interesting to try to take a snapshot of our lives, using Foursquare checkins. Here are some of the most common words of places we've checked into on Foursquare since June, 2010. Bigger words mean we've checked in places with that word more often.

Wordle Cloud of Foursquare Checkins

Other than there being less activity (since we'll probably be home more), I wonder what new places are biggest with our baby girl. :-)

Baby it is time to Come Out- 40 Weeks

24 09 2011

Wendy and Oscar 40 weeks


This weekend we’re mostly trying to get extra rest, some exercise, get out of the house a little, and tell the baby that she can come out and meet the world now! Our due date is tomorrow…if she knows what mommy likes, she will come right when planned. But I hear, babies (especially first ones) like to take their own sweet time. I feel pretty comfortable still, sleeping in small chunks, getting around just fine. We’ll be very excited whenever she decides to join us.

The Waiting Game- 39 Weeks

21 09 2011

The past week or so has been filled with wondering and waiting for possible baby arrival. I've been in full nesting more for a while now...finishing up decorating our house, getting things clean and organized, trying to stay on top of shopping/supplies, and crossing things off our to-do list. I think I might be ready! Although I am not feeling ready for labor...since I hate things I can't plan or control- the unplanned nature of labor scares me. I know it will just be a blip though, once on the other-side it will become a faint memory of before our beautiful baby girl.

I spend a lot of time wondering if some of my physical feelings and symptoms might be signs of labor. I have back pain and trouble sleeping, but overall I am not terribly uncomfortable.  I don't think I've ever felt practice contractions. My questions to the doctor this week included: 1) The baby gurgles a lot- is that normal? 2) The baby gets hiccups throughout the day- is that normal? 3) Is there something I should be doing to help labor start or progress. The answers he gave: 1) Yes, 2) Yes, 3) No- if we knew the answer to this we'd be rich.

Most people I haven't seen in a while at work ask me when I am due (since I do look pregnant these days) but then they are shocked to learn it is in the next 3 or 4 days, saying I do not look THAT pregnant. One funny comment I got this morning, was in response to someone learning the baby is a girl. She replied- oh, you still look pretty...she hasn't stolen your beauty! ha. Thanks, I guess!

It helps to stay busy with work and with social activites. Paul and I have stayed active with going to see a musical, going to movies, and out to fun dinners- especially since our ability to do this will become much less frequent after the baby. Paul turns 31 today. We are wondering how close the baby and his birthday will be. His sister is also due any minute...she is 14 days passed her due date already. She has been even more focused on what she could be doing to help labor start and progress!!

Tomorrow will be my last day in the office until February 6th. This is very strange to me. I will miss it I think, but I know I will be swept up in the joy of motherhood soon and will cherish every moment I get to spend nurturing our new baby....