About Your Name

09 10 2011

Dear Amelia Grace,

Your name is our hope for you, and it's something that will always remind us to nourish your awesome potential as a girl and a woman.

We hope you can be inspired by the life of Amelia Earhart: her individualism, sense of adventure, and passion for doing what she loved even when it was unpopular, unprecedented, and risky. We hope that you take pride in your ability to think and create the life that is right for you, and that you grow to love stretching yourself. We hope your name evokes your ability to accomplish things that might seem difficult, because you are so very capable.

We hope you can find beauty and peace in the world and in yourself, and that you will strive to create it for others. We hope that you will learn to value kindness and reaching out to help other people. We hope the religious meaning of Grace inspires you to love, forgive and always care.

Mom and dad

Amelia Grace’s Birth Days

07 10 2011

A brief summary of Amelia's birth, from Paul's notes...

September 30

3:11AM First contractions

4:15AM bath, toast, water
4:32AM Wendy "I think we should try to sleep"
4:42AM contraction, nice breathing pattern, Wendy says "cool" :-)
5:30-8:32AM Paul sleeps, contractions 8-14 mins apart

Among other things, Wendy goes furniture shopping with her mom all day and tracks hundreds of irregular contractions on her phone app Smile

9:30PM a few quick contractions, then a 12 minute wait...hmm, guess she didn’t want to be a September baby.

October 1

2:00AM arrived at hospital 3-4 min contractions

Per doctor’s orders, we walk around the hospital for 2 hours. We carried the exercise ball around for some temporary relief.


11:15AM 3cm, Wendy gets epidural and we both sleep for a bit....ZZZzzzz...
4:30PM Labor progress stats: 8cm, 100% effaced, –1 station
6:02PM Amelia grace is born after just 2 rounds of pushing (Go Wendy!)


October 3 (in Hospital)

7:15AM people keep waking the baby up RIGHT as she gets to sleep. Oh well!