Soccer graduation and more videos

30 06 2013

This weekend was Amelia’s graduation from her Soccerbug “Ants” team. Amelia, Owen, and Pippa received their certificates for learning to “run like a lion, hop like a frog, and stack soccer cones”.





Team cheer


Soccer stars



Amelia checking her numbers on daddy’s fuel bracelet


Using tape as a road in the living room


Laughing at daddy being silly



Our weekly visit with Eddie

A visit from mommy’s BFF

30 06 2013

We were really lucky that my best friend Erin had scheduled a visit to come stay for a week this summer. Her trip fell at just the right time since I had been having a hard time with Henry’s eating, Paul was pretty busy finishing up some projects at work, and we all just needed her positivity and friendship.

One night Erin and I read through old notebooks we wrote in from high school. I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time!


Henry showed Erin his grumpy and happy sides during her visit.


Amelia loved “Airwin” very much


Erin and I went to a Temptations/Four Tops concert and although we got drenched in rain and her phone got ruined, we still had a great night out




Erin joined us for Amelia’s first music class this summer. Amelia liked dancing around with her (while mommy fed Henry)




Erin is an amazing photographer with her artist eye. She posts a lot of great pictures to her “Instagram” site. Here are a couple of the kids.




Getting through trying times with a lot of help from family and friends

30 06 2013

We’ve had a big struggle with Henry’s eating over the last few weeks. From about 4 weeks old through 9 weeks old Henry showed a lot of discomfort when eating, often cried, and most of the time refused to eat much at all (down to only 9 ounces in 24 hours). It was pretty difficult to watch our little guy have such a hard time, and to worry so much about him not eating enough to stay hydrated or grow. At his two month doctor visit he hadn’t gained any weight in two weeks so his GI specialist admitted us to the hospital for a few days for observation, mostly to eliminate any bigger concerns and to have nurses help look at his eating patterns. Thankfully, nothing majorly wrong presented itself during testing, so we left knowing that this was probably a combination of him having a milk protein allergy, reflux, a disorganized suck/latch, and some colic mixed in there! We brought him home with a feeding tube to try and “catch him up” on his calories. We fed him first by bottle and then poured the rest of a bottle into a nasal tube each feeding over the course of a weekend. It was both a hassle for us, felt like a difficult medical procedure, and very uncomfortable for him. At the end of the weekend we pulled the tube out from worrying about its placement and signs of irritation from little Henry. The tube feeding definitely increased our motivation to work more on our bottle feeding approach. My parents came down for two nights while they were waiting for my brother Mike’s baby to arrive and they helped us identify additional soothing techniques (from their experience with their own colic days), pick a better bottle, and be more relaxed about Henry’s feeding. With the new bottle and new approaches (as well as a new dosage of reflux meds) Henry starting eating much better! We feel very lucky for our family and friends that helped us and are so glad Henry is able to show how happy and content of an eater we always knew he could be.

Henry in his hospital bed


A visit from his best friend Eddie



Showing Mimi and Gaga how he was arching his back/neck after eating.


“Talking” about it with Mimi and Gaga


He loved being fed by Mimi


Especially when she sings

Thankful for our much happier baby!