Amelia Grace’s Birth Days

07 10 2011

A brief summary of Amelia's birth, from Paul's notes...

September 30

3:11AM First contractions

4:15AM bath, toast, water
4:32AM Wendy "I think we should try to sleep"
4:42AM contraction, nice breathing pattern, Wendy says "cool" :-)
5:30-8:32AM Paul sleeps, contractions 8-14 mins apart

Among other things, Wendy goes furniture shopping with her mom all day and tracks hundreds of irregular contractions on her phone app Smile

9:30PM a few quick contractions, then a 12 minute wait...hmm, guess she didn’t want to be a September baby.

October 1

2:00AM arrived at hospital 3-4 min contractions

Per doctor’s orders, we walk around the hospital for 2 hours. We carried the exercise ball around for some temporary relief.


11:15AM 3cm, Wendy gets epidural and we both sleep for a bit....ZZZzzzz...
4:30PM Labor progress stats: 8cm, 100% effaced, –1 station
6:02PM Amelia grace is born after just 2 rounds of pushing (Go Wendy!)


October 3 (in Hospital)

7:15AM people keep waking the baby up RIGHT as she gets to sleep. Oh well!



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